About Engage Mobile Solutions

We approach the world of mobile technology differently than a typical app developer. From our first conversation with clients we are focused on delivering results that will improve their business – by increasing revenue, decreasing cost or managing risk.

Hundreds of companies around the country can build an app. How do you choose a company to help you navigate the world of mobile and drive your business? Consider our approach:

User Engagement

Everything in our process centers around user engagement. What specific behavior do you want the user to take? What is the goal? What does success look like from a user standpoint? What does success look like from an organizational standpoint? Throughout the entire process – from strategy through development and deployment – we focus on making sure the solutions are optimized around the end user. User empowerment and expectations are on the rise. Businesses must re-imagine today’s products and services in a “mobile-first” way to maximize every opportunity.

We Focus on Business Results

We are not a couple of 19 year olds building apps in our parents’ house – our leadership team has over 40 years experience driving business success. We have worked with brands from Ferrari to Cerner to H&R Block to Diageo and have utilized dozens of business models to drive success for our clients. We leverage technology to get results. We don’t just build apps – we help you drive your business.

We have an Obsession with Functionality and Simplicity

Once we understand your goals, we don’t start designing and developing – we start thinking. We think about how to achieve your goals in the most efficient manner using the best workflow – and we simplify. When we are done, we simplify some more. The bottom line is that simple is hard – and we are great at making things simple for the user.

We have Deep Experience in Mobile Business and Mobile Strategies

Our team started working with mobile strategy, mobile development and deployment more than 7 years before the iPhone was released – our team includes true pioneers in the mobile space. For example, our founder was responsible for launching the initial mobile strategy and development at a billion-dollar medical software company in the early 2000’s. The experience of our team translates to the unique ability to help our clients leverage mobile technology to drive their larger business goals. We help our clients turn mobile technology into a business competitive advantage.

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